5 Things That Helped Start My Business


Beginning the process of making your dreams and ideas a reality is such an exciting time. You’re ready to jump into a new venture and get to work, but soon you’ll find there is a lot to do before you become a legit business.

When I first started, I only had my old pal Google for asking questions. To help you out, I wanted to share the five things I learned when I started this business in hopes to answer some of the questions you or someone you know might have when it comes to jumping into the great unknown. 

1. Start with a WHAT and WHY.

Before you can even file the paperwork you need to have a name and purpose for your business. While all the ideas are swirling in your head, I suggest writing out your name, the service or product you provide, how you plan to provide it, and why you’re starting this business.

2. Work with a lawyer to file the correct paperwork.

I was not too excited about this part, but LegalZoom made it so easy! All we had to do was sign up, provide the information above and then we were contacted by a lawyer to wrap up the last details. Within a week I was officially filed with the state and the US, with all my official documents in-hand.

3. Start a business bank account before purchasing anything!

When spending any money on your business it’s important to keep a separation of personal and business finances. If the IRS came after you, this ensures that your personal finances would be fine. This process actually took longer than legally filing my business, but still don’t skip this step!! Better safe than sorry.

4. Create a client/customer process before you open up shop.

The number one goal should be to serve your customer the best experience, and I promise, if you don’t consider this before you start taking customers you won’t be giving a seamless and smooth experience. Don’t risk disappointing your audience. Walkthrough what you will provide your customers from the moment they interact with your business to when they leave.

5. Celebrate the wins!

The start of a business can be a bit of an exhausting process. It’s probably outside of your comfort zone and you don’t get to focus on your craft. To make it bearable, celebrate all the little wins. When your LLC paperwork comes in the mail go get a cupcake, when you launch your website take a night off to do something fun, or when you book your first client pop some bubbly!

So there you have it! These five things helped get me on the right foot when starting my business and I hope it helps you too. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I’d love to know if these tips helped you or if you have anything you would add. Reply and let me know!

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